NBA legend’s “JYD Project” becomes Dunk Elite’s official charity partner

March 31, 2016


JYD Project, founded by an NBA legend Jerome “JYD” Williams, is a youth empowerment organization based in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 1996 the Detroit Pistons selected Williams in the 1st round of the NBA Draft and during his subsequent 9 years in the league Jerome played for four teams – the Pistons, Toronto Raptors, Chicago Bulls and finally the New York Knicks. Williams was well known in the league for his defence and overall toughness and as a natural leader, he was nicknamed the “Junk Yard Dog”.

JYD Project is a youth development organization primarily for kids aged 5-18. The charity’s activities range from coaching camps and clinics through scholarships to celebrity games and fundraisers.


“I’ve had the most positive feeling from the start about this partnership” – comments Dunk Elite’s founder Simon Piechowski. “I’ve been looking for a suitable charity to work with for a while now as I have a strong sense of giving back and I think it’s also important for our athletes to keep their feet on the ground, as ironic as this sounds, as they become bigger all over the world. JYD and I meet and worked together through his Read60 Charity Game the day before this year’s NBA All Star Weekend in Toronto. The concept itself encourages kids to read 60 minutes a day and delivers over 25,000 books to schools around the US. Justin and Jordan took part in the game, where Jordan nailed his signature Scorpion dunk over Mr Shizzle Dizlle himself – Snoop Dogg.”


“These guys are amazing” – adds Jerome JYD Williams. “The guys put on a show at my game and next day Jordan goes in front of millions of people and does the same dunk… in jeans!? Dunk Elite is on another level and I am very excited about growing our relationship.”

JYD also served as the Vice President of the National Basketball Players Association and is an active member of the National Basketball Retired Players Association. Effective today Dunk Elite athletes will be getting involved in a number of school visits, clinics and games with a joint view to make the world just a little better using the round, orange ball we all love.

Porter Maberry, Justin Darlington, Jonathan Clark and Doug Anderson are set to make an appearance alongside JYD and other NBA legends including Steve Francis, Theo Ratliff, Stephen Jackson and Sebastian Telfair on Sunday 10th April in St. Louis, MO. Tickets to the event are available at

About JYD Project

The JYD Project is a youth development organization for kids ages 5 – 18 that empowers young people to realize their full potential and partners with other charities that support and serve youth. The JYD Project assists students in becoming positive and productive adults through fun and engaging educational-based programs.

About Dunk Elite

Often referred to as the “modern Harlem Globetrotters”, Dunk Elite brings together only the best dunkers from around the world inspired by the love to dunk and collectively carving out a new urban sport loved by millions around the world.

Our athletes regularly work with world’s leading brands including NBA, FIBA, ESPN and JBL as well as athletes like LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Jimmy Butler to name just a few.