Dunk Elite launches Athlete Support Program

September 29, 2015


As soon as we think the season is done our guys are heading where the sun always shines – Smoove just touched down from another successful trip, this time to Rio de Janeiro, Lipek and Jordan are heading to Abu Dhabi, UAE, before Justin, Porter and Lipek travel to LA to take part in another star-packed contest organised by Ball is Life and Eastbay in late October. Basketball really never stops!


The undeniable growing interest in dunking, at the elite as well as participation level, led us now to establishing the Dunk Elite Athlete Support Program. Athletes under this scheme will benefit from tips and workouts with Dunk Elite athletes, coaches and off the court staff in addition to premium access to the soon-to-be launched Dunk Elite Jump Program and PrimeStar Sports Academy services. London-based pro baller and dunker Joel Henry is the 1st Supported Athlete under the project:



Simon Piechowski, CEO of Dunk Elite and PrimeStar Sports:


“It’s really hard to explain the amount of behind-the-scenes projects that we will be unveiling in the coming months and this one is probably the one I’m the most proud of. PrimeStar Sports is all about athlete development, it always has been, and the PSS Academy/DE Jump Program will offer online and ‘real-life’ support never seen before.
The top dunkers around the world are doing well – they’re busy, they’re healthy and they earned the right to the position they’re in. The challenge now is to lend a helping hand to all the other dunk-maniacs around the globe who are on their way to achieving their potential. Dunk Elite is the only organised team of dunkers in the world and we recognise and love the responsibility that goes with it.”


The team’s only office is in London, England with a U.S. operation to be announced in due course. In the mean time the athletes interested in the program can voice their willingness to participate by emailing The immediate activates in London will include open runs (dunk sessions) with Dunk Elite athletes and free consultations with PrimeStar Sports staff and coaches.


“We’re already supporting the entire basketball team at Winchmore School in North London and my relationship with Joey goes back longer than I can remember so it was only natural we bring him on board. The next steps will only bring bigger and better things for everyone involved.’