Dunk Elite to join forces with legendary New York streetball courts

July 17, 2015


Dunk Elite is proud to partner with Point Forward Sports Marketing in New York City to bring the best dunkers in the world to the legendary Rucker and Dyckman Parks this summer. The streetball courts of NYC are the most iconic in the world and we’re delighted with this development to expand our presence in the basketball heart of the United States.



The joint vision revolves around our long-term development plan to present the New York community with the world-class dunk platform it deserves. Dunk Elite’s Rafal ‘Lipek’ Lipinski and Dmitry ‘Smoove’ Krivenko will kick off the relationship with an appearance at the world famous Dyckman and Rucker Parks.
Arguably the most highly anticipated and notable summer basketball event around, The Dyckman Basketball Tournament, in its 25th year, offers teams and players an opportunity to showcase their talents in an intensely competitive atmosphere. Dyckman, created in 1990 with only six teams, has grown to include over 70 teams. One of the few tournaments running games seven days a week, it draws nearly 2,000 spectators daily by offering a positive, fun and exciting activity for NYC hoops fans. Over the last quarter of the century the famous tournament hosted an endless list of basketball superstars including Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Baron Davis to name just a few. Additionally, the movement is supported by the hometown New York Knicks and the famous radio station Hot 97.
Harlem’s Rucker Park, simply referred to as the ‘streetball mecca’, originally served as the home of the Holcombe Rucker Tournament, which hosted an unprecedented array of basketball legends, including Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Dr. J and Nate “Tiny” Archibald. The Entertainers Basketball Classic (EBC), which moved to Rucker Park in 1985 has played host to many NBA Stars during its 30 year history including super-dunkers Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter and Jason Richardson in addition to countless others. Entertainment stars who appeared at the park include Fat Joe, Jay-Z and Diddy to name just a few.
Check out what happened the last time Jordan ‘Mission Impossible’ Kilganon visited Rucker Park:


Dunk Elite athletes will make appearances at Rucker Park on Tuesday, 28th July and participate in the dunk contest at Dyckman Park July 29th.