In this blog post I’ll be breaking down the mental aspect of training. What attitude towards training is needed to improve and continue improving in an effort to reach your goals?


Really – ask yourself this question. Let go of that defensive, apologetic part of you that always says ‘I try my best’, ‘Look, I try again and again’ and answer the question with complete honesty.


Everyone has their own wants and desires but most drown themselves in their own excuses. You will often hear others, and sometimes yourself so be very conscious of it, how bad they want this or that yet you will never see them really go after it, never dedicating a complete and focused effort to whatever it is they are after. Sure they try – for a day, for a week, even for a month. But a day comes where you don’t feel the drive or an obstacle presents itself and it’s at this point that most of us give up.


Michael Jordan is the synonym for determination, hard work and work ethic.

But like life itself it’s all just a process. Once you come to this realisation you will be able to see every challenge as an opportunity to grow stronger, both physically and mentally. Challenges build character and most importantly resilience – the capacity to overcome obstacles.

You can be talented, skilled and possess every desirable quality but in the end the trait that matters most is RESILIENCE. When you’re tired, unmotivated, discouraged or broken and down to nothing… Can you find the inner strength and the will to go all the way?

No bird soars too high,
If he soars with his own wings.

~William Blake


Always do what YOU have to do.

Maybe you’re on the athletic journey/journey of dunking by yourself, or maybe you have friends with similar goals beside you. Either way be very cautious of who you let yourself be infulenced by. Be aware of how people in your environment cultivate their habits and how it effects your attitude towards your goals.

Some people are very passive in their efforts, others simply lazy. There are people who will, consciously or not, try to drag you down with them to justify their own laziness and passivity. Do not let them steer you. The ways of manipulation are very subtle – usually in form of ridiculing your actions, comments directed towards your effort delivered in a sarcastic language or persuading you to skip training sessions etc. Your actions will always offend those who are inactive simply because it sheds light on their own lethargy and makes them feel bad about themselves. Simply be conscious of the fact and you will recognize that no words of discouragement, no intended obstruction will have any power over you.

On the other hand there are people who you can almost literally feel radiating and transmitting determination, focus and will. If you are lucky enough to find someone who encourages you, who invigorates you and reinforces favourable habits in you, train and spend time with them – learn from them. Someone who helps you be your best is invaluable. Actually, I would like to invite you to be that person who encourages others. Whilst empowering others you will find that, in turn, you will also encourage yourself and cultivate and adopt more positive habits along the way.

Most importantly rely on yourself. You don’t need anyone.
It doesn’t matter who else didn’t do the work, what matters is if YOU did it. Don’t go blaming anyone for not doing what you should do. It’s YOUR responsibility. Don’t depend on others to reach your goals – go and do it because you want to improve. You are the only person who has to do what needs to be done. If others are there with you, great, if not that’s also cool. You lead the way.

I’ll end up this blog post with a few lines that resonate with my thoughts in this post – from a poem written by the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee.

Most of us yearn to be one
But fear we are the other.
Yet we CAN be
What we aspire to be.

Those who cultivate
Their natural instincts,
Who set their sights
On the good, the admirable,
the excellent,
And believe they can achieve it
Will find their confidence

~Bruce Lee

Until next time,

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